BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A trip to Afghanistan forges a friendship between Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and U.S. troops.

Now that partnership is touching students at one Baltimore school.

Gigi Barnett explains students made a special donation that reminded service members of home.

That trip to Afghanistan and Turkey comes with a warm reception for Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. He’s overseas this week visiting with U.S. service members.

The NFL recently recognized him for his commitment to the troops.

During his stay, Harbaugh made a special Skype call to students at St. Paul’s School for Girls.

It was a chance for the students to meet the men and women whose special request sparked a weeks-long coffee collection campaign at the school.

“I wasn’t really surprised because I would miss something that I used to eat or drink all the time when I was back at home,” said Nia Lewis, student.

Plus, the boxes of coffee, tea and hot chocolate were easy to ship.

“It’s hard sometimes because they are overseas to show our gratitude and how appreciate we are. It’s a small, little thing, but I think it can go a long way,” student Kate Brocato said.

During the 20 minute Skype session, the girls asked anything they wanted and sang for the troops to build a friendship that lasts.

“With the troops abroad, we want them to get to know each other, help support them and for them to hopefully down the road continue doing this,” said teacher Amy Phillips.

Some of the girls are pen pals with the troops and after this week’s Skype session, say they’ll continue. They’re also waiting for more requests for comforts from home.

A club at the school has supported overseas troops for the past eight years.

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