Hello everyone! TGIF!! (Everything else is page 2 this day!) But we do have weather we must discuss. So let me get to it!

For a couple of weeks we have been hearing about, on social media, a big storm this weekend. Well, it’s not going to happen. We are, though, going to over the next 5 days have 3, maybe 4 times of some passing snow. Imagine if you will that this winter is a boxer. Over the next few days he will be throwing jabs at us, not a knockout punch. (Only Ali himself could knockout with a jab.)

Tomorrow morning through noonish there will be a light snow of 1-2 inches. The worst case scenario is 3″.   It will be a high of 37.

Sunday–expect snow and rain, both fairly light and a high of 40.

Monday we may change the forecast for another very light snow. Temps are still above freezing at 35.

Wednesday, again 35, and again some snow in the forecast.

None of the above look like “the hay maker.”

When we broadcast the forecast to you it is just that, a forecast. A prediction. The variable is ALWAYS the Earth itself. Don’t EVER let anyone fool you on that fact. Heck, every once in a while the forecast for the next day even falls apart because of that “Earth” variable.

Remember we are on a planet just 7 light minutes from a vigorous star. This planet shifts, seasonally, on its axis while spinning which means uneven heating and cooling. Add to that a moon trying, daily, to pull every molecule of air, and water, off this planet. And you want a long range exact forecast? How can anyone 2 weeks out call for a large crushing storm?

What you as a viewer, or reader in this case, need to be aware of is not the amount of snow, but the timing. (Heck 6 inches or 60 inches will shut us down.)

What has an impact on you? When is this deal gonna start? When do I need to go to the store, and get my car gassed up? It is your daily grind that is important. When does it get disrupted? That is the bigger picture.

It’s not a race to see who gets it first and the fastest, it is a job to inform not hype. I am afraid we saw the latter on social media the past two weeks–good people honestly interested in the weather, but caught up in computer models, and in my opinion the thrill of the hunt.

As consumers, and I am one of you too (when reading reports of weather Armageddon), let’s be careful “out there.” Enjoy your weekend, find some smiles and be safe.


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