Good morning, all! Monday. Meh.

It will be much warmer in Sochi this week than in Baltimore, by in some cases 30+ degrees. An unprecedented mild spell is hitting the Black Sea area of Russia–temps in the mid 50s to low 60s! (They should have held the Olympiad at Ski Roundtop.  (“Let’s go to Bob Costas in our Olympic Broadcast Center at Ski Liberty….”) Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

The point of the above is just how cold it continues to be here. That clipper’s impact was not that gentle snowfall, but rather a reinforcing shot of cold air from north of the Great Lakes. The normal is 44, today is 32, and Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be 29.

Then comes a bigger story..another snowfall.

Both the American and the European models agree on the timing. That would be Wednesday night through Thursday. The track of the storm is where they differ.

The Americans take the low, the storm, well offshore with the impact on your neighborhood not all that great. The Europeans, however, bring the low right off shore, a Nor’easter if you will. In that scenario the impact would be pretty big.

Personally I think snowfall amounts right now would be a bit hasty. (Heck that storm is still over California.) It is the timing, as I have posted before, that is the bigger deal to you personally. Figure Thursday is going to be a pain. How much so we will know on Wednesday to be honest.

And the beat goes on. The Winter of 2014. Meh.

Have a safe day and find some smiles!


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