Not Again! Local Grocery Stores Packed Ahead Of Winter Storm

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Jessica Kartalija 3 Jessica Kartalija
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OVERLEA, MD. (WJZ) — As the storm ramps up, most of Maryland is thinking the same thing–not again! People crowd grocery stores and gas stations, bracing for more.

Jessica Kartalija reports people have had enough.

The Bi-Rite on Bel Air Road is packed with people, and they are quickly selling everything off store shelves.

Preparing for another round of winter weather.

“Just had to get the last little ins and outs. I’ve been out all day getting stuff,” one man said.

“Milk, eggs, toilet paper–anything they can get their hands on right now,” an employee said.

Reporter: “Are you surprised by the line and how long the line is?”

Woman: “When you say the nasty four letter word for snow, no.”

The snow has worn out its welcome in Maryland.

“I’m done. I’m ready for the summer to come in. I’m ready to get on my bike and ride. I’m just done with the winter. I’m ready for the summer to come in,” one shopper said.

“It’s just crazy. I just want it to all end,” another said.

Not everyone is complaining.

“I’m happy for it. I wish we were getting more. I love playing in the snow,” a woman said.

Reporter: “What do you think about school being out tomorrow?”

Boy: “Awesome!”

Reporter: “What about having to make up the days in the summer?”

Boy: “Not so awesome.”

“It gets a little nerve-racking after awhile. It’s just me and her. Finding stuff for her to do is a little hard,” a parent said.

The good news–people are staying in good spirits. The bad news–the lines are stretching all the way to the other end of the store.

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