By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been a few years since Maryland’s had a real winter, and it’s welcome weather for some.

Alex DeMetrick has more on the financial windfall of the storm.

Let’s start with the obvious–money sometimes does fall from the sky.

“We make more money when there’s a lot of snow.”

And right now, there’s plenty of both. Businesses that saw their snow removal equipment sitting idle the past couple of years are scraping up a profit this winter.

“Probably four times the amount of income for the company as far as income goes from the last two years to this year,” said Carmen Caltabiano, Greenscape Unlimited.

It started heating up for plumbers a few weeks back, when temperatures plunged toward zero and pipes inside and out froze across Maryland.

“It’s great for our business. It’s not so good for homeowners. We’re getting a ton of calls from frozen pipes that then burst,” said Jamie Smith, Mr. Rooter.

And a thaw like Friday’s is bringing a different kind of call.

“More sump pump calls. Because people haven’t been using their sump pumps. And now with all this melt-off, they’re failing,” said Greg Anderson, Caton’s Plumbing.

But fixing a leak or clearing a parking lot isn’t always a choice. For businesses, it’s pay to play in a winter like this one. No snow removal, no customers.

“This parking lot is actually very good,” said Alex Piatt, Domino’s Pizza. “The Domino’s that I usually work at, their parking lot, I can’t imagine it got plowed at all.”

When it comes to the snow removal business, the domino effect extends to more than just pizza.

“This does help a lot of people out. Parts companies, tire companies,” Caltabiano said.

Meanwhile, more money is predicted to fall.

Next up, look for roofers and gutter repair in that windfall from the snowfall.

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