By Mary Bubala

WOODBINE, Md. (WJZ)—We’ve pretty much seen it all this winter: snow, sleet, rain and now thunder and lightning. That’s right. As the rain fell Wednesday morning, a lightning strike startled some in Carroll County.

Mary Bubala has the details.

Wednesday’s rain rolled in– along with thunder and lightning in some parts of Maryland, including on Old Washington Road in Woodbine, Carroll County.

“We had several bangs of lightning, and the last one hit the side of the office building,” said Judy Ashwell.

Judy and Mike Ashwell say lighting struck their property several times.

It blew out their stove, exploded their lights, and it knocked Mike Ashwell to the ground.

“I saw sparks. Mike was standing outside and it actually threw him down and threw the phone out of his hands, and when he started walking through the door he just collapsed so we called the fire department and the ambulance,” Judy Ashwell said.

“All I remember is a blue and orange ball ‘kaboom’ beside me,” Mike Ashwell recalled. “I was maybe 10 feet away and it knocked me down, blew my phone out. I don’t know if I fell in the door, walked in the door, crawled in the door, but I just remember she was standing over me screaming.”

BGE came and made repairs and an ambulance came for Mike.

“Had some pains in my neck and chest and all,” he said.

Mike Ashwell was shaking and had ringing in his ears, but all his vital signs check out to be just fine.

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