Md. Man Says He Was Brutally Beaten When Ukraine Protests Turned Violent

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BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Demonstrations continue in Ukraine as anti-government protesters stand their ground. A Maryland man says he was brutally beaten by police during the violent clashes.

Linh Bui has local reaction to the chaos.

Anti-government protesters and police remain locked in a stalemate. And a Maryland man was caught in the violence.

In Ukraine’s capital, violent clashes have killed dozens of people and injured hundreds.

One of the victims was George Sayevich of Silver Spring.  The U.S. citizen and activist spoke to the Associated Press about storming a government building with other protesters.

“There was a gate with just a small entrance. And everybody tried to push into there. And that didn’t work. And I just got clunked all over. On the head. Broke my arm in two places,” Sayevich said.

He says Ukranian police brutally beat him, even after he fell to the ground.

“The rule is you can’t hit a guy on the ground. You’re not supposed to. It’s against the rules of something or other. Maybe even the United Nations. And they just kept hitting me and hitting me,” Sayevich said.

WJZ spoke to one of his close friends, who says Sayevich was a reporter.

“Who worked for many, many years for Voice of America. He is retired but continued to be a reporter. He is one of the people injured,” said Andrij Chornodolsky.

Many Ukrainians in Maryland hope for peace and change in their homeland.

Members of the Ukrainian community say although they are not there fighting the regime, they are helping to do their part from here in Maryland.

“To go to Washington, D.C. to protest, to go to Senate, to the Congress and to talk to people to lobby the interests of our country. I think it’s extremely important,” said Dr. Nazar Kalivoshko.

Local Ukrainian groups have also raised money for field hospitals set up for injured protesters.

The injured Silver Spring man is now recovering at a hospital in Ukraine.

Local Ukrainians also say they’re thankful for social media, which has allowed people around the world to see the violence happening in Kiev.

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