BALTIMORE (WJZ)—An elderly woman is attacked and robbed, and the entire thing was caught on tape.

Monique Griego spoke with investigators and has the surveillance video.

At the top of the screen, the surveillance video captures an unidentified suspect, assaulting a 70-year-old woman.  The man violently pushes her to the ground and then robs her.

It happened just after 5 a.m. Saturday in the unit block of Stricker Street.

“When I saw Stricker Street, it angered me, and now that I know who it was, it angers me even more because she comes into our church,” said Pastor Bryan Jones, neighbor.

Jones is the pastor of Harvest Church & Ministries. It’s right up the up the block from where the robbery happened.

Police say the woman was out of her car because she’d gotten a flat tire. She is seen standing in front of her car with its hazards lights on.

“She was on the phone calling for help,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department. “An unknown suspect approached her from the rear, knocked her to the ground. There was a struggle. He demanded her cell phone.”

Investigators say the suspect is described as a six foot tall, black male, who was last seen wearing a black jacket and khaki pants.

“We’re asking everyone to take a look at this video, if you recognize this suspect living in the neighborhood or walking through the neighborhood,” Silbert said.

The elderly woman suffered minor injuries but is still shaken up by what happened.

Neighbors tell WJZ they’re grateful she’ll be OK and that cameras were able to catch the suspect in the act.

“Fortunately, she’s alive because we experience enough death around here,” Jones said.  “I pray that they catch whoever did this and he pays for his crime.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Baltimore City Police at 410-396-2504.

If you would like to watch the video in full, click here.

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