It’s been an interesting day across the region. Early on we had some light freezing rain and sleet, then plain rain and yes, even thunder and also fog and then bright sunshine! It’s gotten mild with temps peaking into the mid 50s. Wednesday night looks clear but with temperatures dropping into the upper 20s to low 30s, any standing water can become frozen, so watch your steps in the morning.

Thursday will be another mild day with temps around 50, but clouds will again increase and drizzle and some fog will develop later at night. Friday will be the warmest day of the month so far with a high around 60 possible! Showers and even a gusty thunderstorm is likely on Friday before clearing by later in the day. Dry and mostly sunny skies are expected on Saturday and it will still be mild. Cooler air will begin to move in on Sunday but it shouldn’t get “cold” again until  later Monday and Tuesday of next week, as temperatures will again get below average for the bulk of the next week.


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