Thursday will be another mild day. Wednesday, we did get up to 57 degrees. Thursday’s forecast high is 50, but I can see it warmer if we don’t cloud up too soon.

Overnight rain is in the forecast, and just rain. The low will only be 42. (Keep in mind our normal high is 46.) But here is the rub: thunderstorms are a part of Friday morning’s forecast.

Let’s discuss.

We have a warm and humid air mass hanging over the Mid-Atlantic. A cold front will slice through it. And as we see in the spring and summer, this will trigger some thunderstorms.

There is a “slight risk box” Friday during the morning rush for some potential gusty weather from the I-95 corridor south and east. There is only a slight risk, but the mention alone is, well, wild.

Last Friday we were doing a snow show. This Friday we will be watching “First Warning Doppler Weather Radar” for thunderstorms.

Like we say in “Balmer, Hon:” give the weather 20 minutes and it will change. Sorry to say winter is not over yet and we will see by mid-week next week a change back to temps in the 30s.

Keep the faith, folks. By Ron Matz’s count, there are only 39 days until opening day at Camden Yards.

That is going to be a long 39 days.

Have a good and safe day!


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