Cal Ripken Joins The Scott Garceau Show

Cal Ripken joined the Scott Garceau show with Jeremy Conn to just talk all things baseball. Cal talked about the banquet that he is hosting tonight in his fathers honor and the foundation that bears his name. Eddie Murray is a guest at the banquet tonight, and Cal talked about what he learned from Eddie. “I always though Eddie was misunderstood by the media and the fans a little bit. But I thought Eddie was a shining example of what a team player represents.”

The conversation shifted to today’s Orioles, and how they have improved. “The key as everyone knows is in that starting staff. We would like to have some more depth and you’d like to have someone step forward and be that number one and be that stopper in the rotation because that takes the pressure off of everyone else.”

They covered Derek Jeter, life after baseball and more. Listen to the full interview right here!

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