Yeah that clause mentioned in the 5th and 14th amendments. Well everyone accused is entitled to it in America so can we all calm down for a second and let the process roll out before judging Ray Rice?

He may be 100% guilty of an assault, but then again he may not so can everyone just hang on a few days before destroying the man?

Look, I have no idea what caused his girl to become unconscious as seen in the now infamous hotel video… but neither do you! The calls and texts to The Norris and Davis Show this week have been scary to say the least . People have said things like “I know he’s guilty, I don’t need to see any video.” “Why are you homers defending him?” “So you condone hitting women?” And many more too ugly to repeat.

I am neither defending Rice nor justifying hitting anyone. I AM however defending his right to due process. The Constitution has been eroded, circumvented and outright ignored so often in the last decade that I think the general public has forgotten why these protections exist. The Bill of Rights wasn’t written to protect you from foreign enemies, it was penned to protect you from your own government and the abuses that all governments are capable of performing.

So to those (I assume) in the minority that are so hateful, please stop putting words in my mouth that I never uttered, stop leaping to conclusions when you have little or no evidence and most of all please never, ever serve on a jury.

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