Hi all!

What a weekend!!! Dale Junior wins the Daytona! And it was even perfect weather !! HEY NOW!

We had a chance to push away from the table and catch our winter breath. But you knew it was not going to last. My big headline is the return of cold air. Not chilly, but cold. Granted Tuesday we will have a messy mixture of rain/snow with a high of 38. And then Tuesday night there’s another “event” that could give us a couple of inches of snow. (There still is, though,  one diminishing scenario that places a bigger storm over the Mid-Atlantic. Stay tuned.) But my headline is keep those warm clothes close.

Today is the last Monday of our usually calmest winter month. Having said that I shudder to think about March, but really could it get any worse? I would guess not. Probably will  just continue on its merry barometer kicking way!

Hang tough, we’ll get through this week and welcome those March winds, an honest sign the seasons are starting to blend! If I scream, “Come on SPRING” any louder people will think I am at the race track urging along a horse named after a season!

Marty B!


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