Hi, all.

Cold is here again. It will be sunny Thursday, but the winds will amp up and wind chills will be, on a real temp of 37, about 19-24. But the best is yet to come.

Thursday night the vortex of this Arctic blast hits. Eleven is the low, Friday the high is just 25. The normal is 48. Thursday night we will see single digit wind chills, but Friday the winds will calm a bit so it will just be an honestly cold day!

Our next snow is when you ask? Well, it appears we will have some flurries or light snow showers Saturday morning as a push of milder more humid air moves in. The weekend highs will be about 40.

What has our attention, though, is another “winter event” coming Monday. RIGHT NOW the thinking is that we have sleet, and rain. Snow should stay just north of the Mason-Dixon line. But as we move through the weekend that outlook will be refined. Keep your fingers, and cold toes crossed.

Cold will linger through, at least, mid-week next week.

Weather in a word; MEH!

Be safe,

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