So the Ravens have signed Dennis Pitta to a 5 year deal with a base value of $32 million over five years, which works out to an average of $6.4 million per year.  It’s a good deal for the Ravens and Pitta as well. Pitta signed for roughly the same amount that he would have received if they had franchised him… But he also gets his signing bonus and a little stability with the 5 year deal.  Getting Pitta locked up now allows the Ravens to focus in on signing Eugene Monroe.

Dennis Pitta brings a solid pass catcher into the fold and someone who will be a viable target on 3rd downs.  You can use Pitta in the slot or play him in his natural position at Tight End.  We have had some callers say his numbers don’t warrant him being paid as one the top 5 Tight Ends in the league.  I disagree. I think you have to look at the 7 TD’s he had when he was healthy and the needs of this offense. Also Joe has built a nice relationship with Pitta on the field.  The Ravens aren’t done with the offense in my opinion, I still think they add another Receiver in the draft or possibly a Tight End.

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