BALTIMORE (WJZ) — They’re going up again. Experts say wicked winter weather and a drop in demand are creating a perfect storm for a boost in gas prices.

Gigi Barnett explains why.

The start of 2014 saw a drop in demand at the pump, but severe cold weather caused prices to creep up last month.

Now drivers are paying more—more than they did during the summer travel season.

“I don’t bother to look anywhere. I have to get where I’m going. Got to fill up,” said Rachel Greene, driver.

The last time drivers saw cheaper prices was back in July. New numbers from AAA show the spike may continue well into the spring.

Blame it on refineries going offline to conduct seasonal maintenance.

“We do anticipate, once we get through the spring prices, declining a bit as gas production resume to normal levels,” said Christine Delise, AAA spokeswoman.

“Over the summer this is the cheapest station,” said Devin McCurley.

McCurley watches the numbers no matter the season and always compares the prices.

“The other two are usually nickel to dime higher and it’s slowly gotten to a matter of cents,” McCurley said. “We’re equal. There are no more deals to be found.”

Right now drivers nationwide are paying about 17 cents more than last month. AAA says prices could reach $3.70 by mid-April.

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