ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—We’re used to seeing First Lady Michelle Obama at a podium addressing crowds, but even she needs a girls’ night out once in a while. This weekend she chose a small venue in Annapolis to let her hair down.

Monique Griego has the details.

The first lady and three of her girlfriends attended a concert at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis.

The staff there says they had no idea she was coming up until right before the show!

Sunday night started off pretty normal for Zach Price. As general manager of Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, he was getting things ready for a show featuring contemporary jazz singer Rachelle Ferrell.

Then he got an unexpected visitor, a woman representing an important client.

“At that point she didn’t tell me who she was with. She just said we had a VIP tonight. My security stepped out back,” Price said.

Price didn’t ask many questions about who the VIP was.

And as security did their walk throughs, checking all the exits, Price made a comment that they’d handled big names in the past.

“He laughed and was like ‘This is a little bit bigger.’ He looks at her and says ‘He doesn’t know who it is, does he?’ Then she looks at me and says ‘It’s the first lady.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that’s bigger!’” Price said.

Price wasn’t allowed to tell his staff the first lady was coming. So he just tried to make sure everything went smoothly.

Then right before show time, the first lady walked right through the front doors. Just like everybody else. She picked a table and sat in a chair. We’re told they ordered a bottle of white wine and enjoyed the show.

The first lady came with three girlfriends, including Dr. Sharon Malone – wife of the Attorney General Eric Holder.

They were able to watch Ferrell perform in a very intimate venue with just 312 seats.

Despite being so openly seated, Price says not that many people noticed her…just the extra security.

“At the end of the day she’s just a normal person trying to enjoy a show the same as they are,” Price said.

Price is now just happy he was able to give her a good girls’ night out.

“She’s married to the president of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world. So that’s awesome,” Price said.

Price says his only regret about that night is that he didn’t take any pictures.

Rams Head leaders also tell us Malone — who was with Mrs. Obama — frequents the venue.

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