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Marty Bass 370x278

Hi all,

Tuesday… not so bad. Wednesday and Thursday… very much like Tuesday. Simply put: not so bad.

We are still looking for a warmup this weekend, with temps on Saturday now moving toward 60. HUZZAH!

One quick thought… This evening I want you to look outside at 6 p.m. Notice how bright it is. Next week, that is what 7 p.m. will look like. Remember, we go on Daylight Saving Time this weekend. HUZZAH! Longer days… brighter sun. We are getting there… slowly, but surely!

(Huzzah…Look it up, it’s a Colonial phrase used by the rangers at Fort McHenry a lot.)

Alright everyone, have a good day. The weekend is now looming on the horizon!

(Go ahead and say it with me), HUZZAH!

Marty B!

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