Hey yo, Baltimore! Baseball is back and I’m thinking the Orioles have the biggest bats on the block!

It’s a pretty tough block too. Most years it’s the toughest, at least in the last 20 years it’s been in the conversation. Guess who’s got a scary lineup now! That’s right. The Baltimore Orioles. Who would have thought there are 5 guys that can go 25 HR or more legit with several guys that can go 15.

It’s pretty impressive to go Jones and Davis along with Cruz, Hardy and Wieters not to mention what Markakis and Machado can do. It’s exciting stuff and I feel like a child again. Who knows what the pitching will do. I can guess and predict till the day is long with the arms.. but those bats.. the bats will produce! Bank on that.

This is going to be a big ball baseball club! Run support shouldn’t be a problem. Defense won’t be a problem.

Boys and girls, ladies and gents.. 2014 for the Baltimore Orioles is going to be fun, decent work from the pitching staff and it could be real fun.


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