When the Ravens convene for the first time, I have to believe the players are going to get a big-time talking to. It might even be time for Steve Bisciotti to address the team and tell them wearing purple and representing his team is a privilege, not a right.

Jah Reid became the third Raven arrested in the last month, joining Ray Rice and Deonte Thompson. And don’t forget about McKinnie, Jones and Sweet Pea during the season.

What is involved in these? Late nights, drugs, alcohol, violence. Big surprise.

I do not think this is because the Ravens have done something wrong as an organization. They’re a great organization. I have to believe Bisciotti and company must be furious. This is embarrassing, to have your team’s name in the national media because of this. And, it’s very avoidable. Not only educate your players, but demand of your players, don’t do stupid (and criminal) stuff.

Stay out of bars, don’t get drunk or smoke pot, or hit anyone.

It might be hard for them to cut Reid or Thompson because they didn’t cut Rice and thus they would look hypocritical, but I have to believe they wouldn’t mind dumping Reid or Thompson to send a message.

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