We take all sorts of calls from any number of maniacs asking a variety of questions that would make 31 flavors jealous. Welcome to sports talk radio and it’s even worse during free agency. It brings out all the crazy ones. All of them. From the guys who get older, like the Browns, with Dansby & Whitner. Though they may be good players, it’s crazy moves.

Crazy calls come in making up assumptions about GM’s and situations they know less than nothing about. It’s sort of a joke really.

Got a call from a woman disappointed in Ozzie because now that Art Jones is gone, the Ravens have no defensive line. I followed with Suggs & Dumervil. She countered that she thought Elvis had only 1 sack, was surprised when told her he had 9.5 yet that didn’t weaken in her total ignorance to any real knowledge or logic. Awesome. Keep’em coming I guess.

Geez people. Please wake up. Here’s the deal plain and simple. Most good teams don’t go crazy in free agency. It’s for the teams needing to fill holes and the ones that have giant gaps make a huge splash. If they knew how to draft and develop they’d be doing what the football boys in Baltimore are doing. It’s not that the Ravens won’t go get players in Free Agency, it’s that they don’t need to. The Ravens know their own talent and keep what they know and build around it, not buy around it.

Cleveland, Jacksonville, Raiders … do I need to go on? Miami.. Ok I’ll stop. Redskins. Sorry that was the last one. Anyone else get the point?

The Baltimore Ravens draft, develop and try to sign who they can. Some may even go, speaks to the fact that talent is developed here. They build them up and sell them off, winning in the meantime. That’s their model. It works and does so well. So stop whining about lack of moves. They make their moves in different ways. So stop begging the team to breakout the swim trunks just so you feel like they played in the pool the 1st day it opens. Put on some floaties fans and stay afloat.

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