Buck Showalter With A Spring Training Update For The Birds

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Buck Showalter is the manager for the Baltimore Orioles. Since Buck joined the Orioles in 2010, the team have been resurgent and steering clear of their losing ways. Buck lead the Os to their first winning season and first playoff appearance since 1997 (15 years) in 2012.

Steve asks Buck how Manny Machado is doing with his recovery and if he will be ready for opening day? Buck said that Manny is ahead of schedule in recovery and he doesn’t want to close the window for him to play opening day but he isn’t 100% sure and if he is ready then he will play.

Terry asks Buck what his rotation looks like and mentions to Buck that he has a lot of options with players like Zach Britton. Buck jokingly says that Jimenez and Tillman both have great shots at making the rotation. In a serious note he goes on to say that it’s a good problem to have to have that many pitchers because it gives Buck and the team a lot of options.

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