Hi, all.

I cannot stress how much I dislike winter. And that is during a good year. I’d love to say we are done with this nonsense but, believe it or not, some computer models are showing another “event” a week from Wednesday. That remains to be seen but…..

Rain Tuesday and Wednesday will wash this stuff away, and it will get nice and mild Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And that is a big deal. We need to get the ground temps up just in case of “something” else.

Spring starts Thursday at 12:57 p.m. In NASCAR lingo ,”The ‘checkers’ are in the air”, in other words this race is about to end. And not one second soon enough.

Yes, I refuse to re-read my first thought, and choose to not let my thoughts go beyond what will be a nice week’s end, and weekend! Care to join me in this fantasy world?



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