You ever get to this time of year and you can’t wait to fill out a tournament bracket? Of course, we all do… including the office secretary, wife, girlfriend and the Moms of the world. And yes, they will finish better than we will.

Want to know why? Bracket Brain!

Yep. Bracket Brain. I don’t even have to explain the over thinking, upset formula, small school over a big conference team, 5-12 matchup or any other number of ways we as “experts” break down a bracket.

The “ladies” in our lives go by color, name, mascot, sisters brother husbands wife BFF who went to Oregon to pick their teams. We already know our formula makes sense and theirs is more like throwing darts left handed, blindfolded. That said it’s inevitable the chicks get it right and we are stuck with bracket brain.

So here is my advice. Don’t over think it but don’t be a chick either. Just go with your gut, but go quick. Make picks fast, give it a once over and submit that bad boy. Avoid bracket brain because the worst is taking forever, pouring all you have into a bracket and having the cleaning lady wipe the floor with you. Enjoy the tourney!

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