Baltimore Orioles closer Tommy Hunter joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn as spring training is winding down. Scott was interested in asking the right hander if he thinks that spring training is too long. “This spring training is going pretty well, its been pretty smooth. And I’m not gonna worry, we have been staying pretty healthy so I think this spring training has been long enough>”

Hunter has been in the league since 2008, he hasn’t changed his routine very much. “Not doing too much different just trying to stay healthy that’s the big thing with a lot of guys in spring training.”

And finally the Orioles closer candidate says the closer mentality hits him when the lights come on in the big league parks. “Its hard to get in that little game time mindset. But once you go back up to the big league stadiums, that third level really plays a big part and when the lights come on, its something special.

Listen to the full interview here!


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