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How do I incorporate exercise into my busy schedule? How can I get to the gym 6 days a week? The answer is simple, you don’t have to dedicate 6 (2) hour sessions a week to see great results. Ask your self this question “Can I dedicate 2% of my time to exercise?”

It takes a strong commitment and solid dedication to lose 100 pounds of body fat or gain 10 pounds of muscle. So what does it take to get feeling better, have more energy or lose 10-15 pounds of vanity weight? Just making a small commitment can be all you need to see big results. The key is consistency. Make a commitment of 2% to the gym at stick with it! What is 2% of your time? This would equate to 3 hours and 36 minutes per week. That’s 1 Cycle class, 2 (30) minute resistance training workouts and a 1 small group personal training Boxing session. Think of all the time you spend watching TV, going out shopping or out for dinner. This small commitment will pay off in the long run.

Once you get yourself in a fitness program that is consistent, then up your commitment. Make lifestyle changes by preparing your meals for the week, starting to drink more water and cutting back on those weekend calories. These all can make a big difference in your fitness results. Don’t make starting a fitness program out to be too complicated. Getting started is half of the battle; the second half is staying committed. The key to staying committed is accountability. I recommend you choose an accountability partner, whether it be a trainer, fitness coach, friend or family member. This person must have your fitness goals in mind when helping you along your fitness journey. Choosing the right person is crucial in your long term success of commitment and fitness results.

If you can make some basic lifestyle changes and commit to a minimum of 2% of your time to the gym, then the new you is right around the corner!

Dustin Schnee
Regional Express Clubs Director
Merritt Athletic Clubs

Above content provided by Merritt Athletic Club


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