It’s always amazes me that prism that people view the world in. You ever hear someone say something and you’re so taken back by it, that your response is, “what’s it like to live in your world?” Hell, the people who listen to my show say that about me everyday! So everyone views the world through their own prism, what one see as funny, another may see as inappropriate. What one feels is a forgivable mistake, another may say deserves a severe penalty. Down at the NFL owners meetings today Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke about some of the unfavorable incidents of the off-season, he was very forthright.

“It’s unacceptable. It’s disappointing,” Harbaugh said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Fla. “But you also separate the person from the activity, and redemption is something that we think is important as well. If there is ever a point in time when we feel that person has lost value for our team, starting with football or because of their character, then you move on from those guys. But those guys aren’t to that point.”

So we know the Ravens have every intention of keeping Ray Rice, Deonte Thompson and Jah Reid. That’s fine. There is no reason to judge the person or the actions at this point. I think that’s already been done. But what strikes me as odd, is the things people get hung up on. Joe Flacco must be outside throwing right now because he makes $120 million, but Ray Rice deserves a second chance because his was an isolated mistake. Joe must play up to the level of his contract because he makes so much, yet Rice’s $40 million doesn’t mean squat and he should be given a break. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense does it? Can you really sit there and bash Flacco for not throwing with his receivers and in the same sentence give a pass to Rice, Thompson and Reid for not only not working in the off-season as well, but also getting in trouble? That’s a hard one to wrap your arms around … at least for me.

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