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What is Total Health? Total Health is self-managed care to obtain optimum personal well being. It requires our focus to be on prevention and to take into consideration how our mind, body and spirit work together. Often referred to as wellness Total Health goes far beyond a healthy diet and fitness routine. While daily intake of exercise and nutritional foods is imperative to staying vital and young we must consider how our actions, thoughts and feelings drive our personal well being.

For decades America’s culture has been one of treatment not prevention. As health care costs continue to surge and the Affordable Care Act changes the landscape of how care is provided we, as a society, must take accountability for our own health. We can no longer tolerate poor choices and need to find balance by seeking the right physicians and other resources that can help us connect with ourselves.

Information is incentive to lead a healthier lifestyle. Finding comrades, coaches and other tools to learn about diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, state of mind, meditation, spirituality and commitment to community is critical to our Total Health.

Stay tuned for simple easy ways to lead prevention based life or visit and make an appointment with a Lifestyle Consultant at your local Merritt Athletic Club today.

Above content provided by Merritt Athletic Club


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