A Baltimore native, Loyola graduate, and local media legend, Vince Baglie was a fixture in homes across Maryland for over 40 years on TV, radio and in print. Vince was also an usher at the very first Colts game in 1947.

Ed asks Vince how he felt when he found out about  the Colts moving out of Baltimore. Vince says that it was obvious that they planned out the move but they did a great job keeping it under wraps. Vince says he needed to go into the training facility to get some of his belongings and he saw grown men crying over the move.

Steve asks Vince how the Colts moving affected the city of Baltimore. Vince says that the Colts were having trouble winning the last few years before the move and were having trouble filling seats. Despite the troubles, overall the Baltimore Colts were a winning franchise and the city of Baltimore didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

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