I get excited about the draft like the next guy. The sense of new hope, a fresh star.

I totally get the physiological reason people lust after “who the Ravens gonna draft at 17?” but the truth is the team doesn’t know yet… There is ZERO way I’d know. If someone gives you a player’s name they are just guessing and throwing darts at a list someone else put together. People give it a rest. Nobody has the draft order right now. They don’t even have the league rules ironed out yet. Does that wake you up a bit to the reality?

The 1st pick hasn’t been spoken for yet, how can the rest of the dominoes be set yet? The idea that because we play on the radio talking sports we can see the unforeseen future is a joke. Truly a joke. Ask a question about a position or the idea of a rookie starting at a key position etc etc etc. But the blanket question “who the Ravens gonna draft” is not good enough. It’s not and the excuse that I should know what you mean doesn’t work either.

Ask a smarter question. Think for 5 seconds. This isn’t a bingo parlor where I pull names out of a hopper let alone guess the number before it’s pulled. That’s what the “who the Ravens gonna draft” question is. So in closing I’d love to talk Ravens and the draft, needs, maybes, what if, holes and more… but I won’t go Ms. Cleo for 4 hours a day 5 days a week till the draft.

…Can’t do it, I’m not strong enough. If only I was Professor X.

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