And then there was 16…. Doesnt matter who you beat to get here, you have made it to the sweet 16.


#11 Dayton Vs #10 Stanford – We are guaranteed to have a double-digit seed in the Elite Eight.  Dayton has a very deep bench and will try to get the most out of them to out run Stanford and force them to play at their tempo.  Stanford will rely on their 2 best players Randle and Huestis to handle the bulk of their offensive production. I like Stanford in a high scoring game.


#6 Baylor Vs #2 Wisconsin – Both are great defensive teams.  Baylor is long and lean and they run a 1-3-1 match up zone.  Wisconsin very rarely allows you to shoot an uncontested jump shot.  This Wisconsin team can score better than teams in years past.  Baylor has been on fire and playing great basketball on both ends of the floor.  I like Wisconsin and I believe first team to 60 points….Wins the game.


#4UCLA Vs #1 Florida – Florida has 4 Senior starters, they play great defense  and they are very efficient on offense.  UCLA might have the  two best players on the floor with Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams but in my opinion Florida has the better team.  I think UCLA will keep it close but in the end Florida will win the game.  This will be a low scoring game….LOW!


#4 San Diego St Vs Arizona – These 2 teams met earlier in the season with Arizona walking away as the Victor. San Diego St is a great defensive team, but they can get very sloppy on the offensive end.  They rely too much on Xavier Thames.  They are going to need someone to step up on offense( not named Thames)  if they want to win this game.  I think Nick Johnson and crew win this game in another low scoring affair.


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