Because I read too much, I was nosing around and looked up Buck Showalter’s career number. It might not seem like it, but Buck is now on his longest tenure as a manager. He is entering his 5th different season with the Orioles.

His longest tenure prior to this was 4 seasons with the Yankees and Rangers, with 3 in Arizona sandwiched in the middle.

Technically, he hasn’t managed as many games as the first two because he started in the middle of the season in 2010, but he will surpass them in the middle and will be here quite a bit longer.

I think it shows how Buck has changed as a manager. He was reputed to be a control freak in the past. I didn’t know him then so it is hard to comment, but he has changed or mellowed or matured depending upon how you look at it. I think he has taken the edge off and is an excellent manager.

He is also smarter than any manager I have been around, but doesn’t act like it. Don’t let the country drawl fool you. The man is extremely intelligent. He would make a great commissioner, but I hope we don’t lose him.


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