Brenda Frese is a National Championship winning head coach for the Maryland Lady Terps, and her team will play in the Final Four against Notre Dame.

Coach Frese talked about the reception the team has been given down at college park, saying it was amazing the day after the game. Coach Frese said the players got great feedback from classmates and all throughout campus.

“They went to their classes and then they were in the student union yesterday… Listening to their stories yesterday it was fun time to hear just how excited everyone is on campus.”

Brenda spoke on playing a tough Louisville team on their own court. “It doesn’t get much tougher and it doesn’t get much sweeter. When you talk about playing in front of 15,000 people. The men play on neutral courts and where we have been in the past, this is the first year we’ve done it. Imagine having to go to someone else’s home court to be able to advance to the Final Four. Extremely proud of our kids and the mentality it took to be able to come away with that win.”

Coach Frese then talked about their upcoming opponent Notre Dame and having to play them on their own court. Then Coach Frese went back over their big win to get to the Final Four. The Lady Terps are trying to advance to the Championship for the first time since 2006.

“Obviously, people are talking about them being the underdogs coming into this game due to an injury but let me tell you something they have one of the best one-two punches in the country led by two All-Americans in their backcourt with Kayla McBride and Jewel Lloyd. Any team that gets to a Final Four, you have to have a great team. It doesn’t come down to just a few players. They are an extremely talented team.”


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