Playing 7 seasons, winning two Superbowls and having two Pro Bowl births in those 7 years, Mark Rypien was the Redskins quarterback in those seven years. Mark calls in to discuss the NFL and his vascular screening event with Doug Williams.

Mark starts off by talking about his vascular screening event. The event hits home because he has lost his father and grandfathers to something that could have been prevented with a vascular screening. Mark adds that it would be fun to see him and another former Superbowl MVP, Doug Williams, compete against each other.

Ed asks what he thinks about Joe Flaccos arm and how well he throws the deep ball. Mark says that Joe has one of the best arms in the league but it all depends on his supporting cast. If the O-line can protect him and the receiver can make moves and get open then yes his deep ball works but he cant just toss it up because he doesn’t have that guy who can go up and fight for the ball.


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