Al Clark is a former umpire for the MLB. Al was one of three umpires to throw Cal Ripken out of a game during Cal’s illustrious career.

Al joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new book Called Out But Safe :A Baseball Umpire’s Journey, which offers a behind the scenes look into the MLB and what it’s like to get into arguments with umpires and players and subsequently throw those men out of games.

Al started by talking about the attempt by the MLB to shorten games, and Al said it is a complete farce. Al then went on to talk about being on the field for Cal Ripken’s record setting games, and arguing with Earl Weaver and how unique of a character Earl was.

Al Also went on to talk about how much he enjoyed all the many arguments he got into over the years and hearing how different managers addressed things. Al said Earl Weaver stomped around like a 5 year old which he found amusing.

Al was also the first Jewish umpired ever hired by the American League.

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