Mel Antonen covers Major League Baseball and makes frequent appearances on MASN. Mel joins Vinny and Rob to talk Orioles baseball and how they can recover from their slow start.

Rob is wondering if after watching Ryan Braun hit 3 homeruns in one game yesterday, did it ever cross Mels mind about steroids. Mel said that he never once thought of it. Of course its a thought but Mel said thats part of the game now and Braun is tested so much that he doesn’t really think anything of it.

Rob mentions that the Orioles’ bats finally woke up yesterday against the Yankees. Mel says that the Orioles have the potential to score the most runs in the league, but the main question is pitching. Sure it was great to see them score but they STILL gave up 13 hits and 5 runs which wouldn’t win them a game unless they always score 14 runs.

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