CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—All over Baltimore it’s prom season. For one businesswoman in Catonsville, it means reaching out to others.

Ron Matz reports, thanks to the generosity of the community, a prom dress giveaway is coming up this weekend.

The makeup artists are busy. The gowns are ready at the JuleBox Hair Spa. The annual prom gown giveaway is Saturday.

Salon owner Julie Felder is helping young women for the fourth consecutive year.

“I’m very excited. About four years ago I heard about someone doing it in Virginia, and I remember my prom season and the struggle that my mom had trying to get things together. And I said, ‘People wear prom gowns only once, so maybe I’ll try it,’” Felder said.

The glam squad will be there, too. They know what the prom season is all about.

“I’m overwhelmed. The prom season is important. I think back to my prom, which wasn’t too long ago. I definitely understand the struggle of trying to get everything together,” said Jasmine White, of Mirror Image Productions, who will be doing makeup.

Felder remembers how tough it was, too.

“The first year I wasn’t expecting to get as many gowns and as much support as I got. It was so phenomenal I said, ‘Let’s try this again.’ It’s been great every year,” Felder said.

“Last year, we had a little over 100 gowns,” she said. “We were able to bless about 85 families. Two young ladies got a full makeover. This year we’ve added a glam squad. Two makeup artists will be on hand and we have stylists, so it’s growing.”

All of these beautiful gowns are donated by members of the community.

“It’s a great feeling. We bless so many young women with so many gowns, and it’s a blessing to give back to the community,” said Jasmine Simpson. “The gowns are donated by the community. They’re donated by clients and churches and people who just hear about this great event.”

It’s a great event that’s growing every year, worthy of an Instagram moment, and the way to make the prom season perfect for everyone.

“I’m nervous in the beginning because I want everything to turn out nicely, but it’s a good feeling to give back,” Felder said.

Saturday morning’s prom dress bazaar begins at 8 a.m., but you may want to get there early.

“People normally show up around 6:45. People are lined up in front of the store and down the stairs,” Felder said.

The JuleBox Hair Spa is located on Frederick Road in Catonsville.

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