With Kentucky getting (and losing) in the National Championship game, the dialogue about college kids being able to go pro becomes a topic again. Along with the talk about kids going one and done as well. I find it fascinating that many many many of the fans and reporters I talk to think there should be a two year mandate to stay in school. They’ll quote things like development, better for the NBA, better for the kids and all involved.

I don’t buy it. I don’t. Free market.

If the NBA doesn’t think kids out of high school are ready then don’t take them. If the NBA doesn’t think kids with only one year of college are ready then don’t draft them. Yet they do so how can you tell me the kids aren’t ready? They keep drafting them don’t they?

No one is forcing that pick. Potential is the risk of each team, roll the dice or draft someone else. The mandate is something I don’t agree with. Let the market and the NBA GM’s decide it’s own future… Not some crazy restrictive rule. Just my fast two cents about “student athletes” in college hoops.


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