In case you haven’t heard, the NCAA has approved another bowl game for 2015. That will be 40. There are 124 FBS schools, and will be 128 in 2015. That means more than 60% of the teams will make a bowl, which is essentially the playoffs.

How can that be? Since one of the bowl games will be the national title with 2 of the semifinalists, 78 of 128 teams are playing in bowl games.

Why do they have all these bowls? Clearly, they are making money, somehow. I don’t think it’s from me. I don’t watch bowl games the way I did when I was a kid. Somebody is though, a lot of somebodies actually.

I will watch the playoffs, and maybe a game here or there, but this continues a head-shaking trend of the NCAA of things that just don’t make sense, but obviously make money.

Oh wait a minute. Let me rethink this. The Terps will be in the Big 10. Hmmm, maybe having a 61% chance of making a bowl is good. Actually, we might need to get it to 75%.


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