Hello rain soaked family, ready for some more? Today could be equally as wet, if not more so. We do have a couple of thunderstorms in the forecast, so let’s talk about that.

The word “thunderstorm” itself does not mean severe. We get t-storms all the time, only a few of them are severe. So how about today?

We could see some severe weather in the Mid-Atlantic. But the more it rains, the more the atmosphere keeps relieving itself, if you will. The less energy build up, the lessening chance of widespread severe weather. (It’s like eating a real good, but greasy burger, then dealing with small burps after the fact, as opposed to one huge burp “they” hear in the next room three hours later. Honestly, that is a good analogy.)

Overnight as this event ends we could see a squall line, with some gusty weather sweeping across the area. That’s something we’ll watch and analyze through the day.

Thursday will be warm and humid.

The weekend looks mild and less humid, but at times, breezy! Hello May!

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