Pat Kennedy, Men’s Basketball Coach at Pace University was with Norris and Davis talking about the Donald Sterling situation.

Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, has been banned for life from the NBA. This situation puts all other owners on high alert.

“Sterling has very few people standing next to him,’ Kennedy said. He is known as being cheap and a slumlord.

Even after his ban and fine, Sterling has made it known that the team is not for sale and he’s not going down easy.

University of Maryland’s Men’s Basketball coach Mark Turgeon is under fire after three players have transferred to other colleges and two more want to leave.

Kennedy believes Mark is going to have to have a pretty special year next year to stay around.

After Florida State University’s quarterback Jameis Winston was caught stealing crab legs from a local grocery store, Kennedy thinks it will not be handled well in Tallahassee.

“He has to have a screw loose to walk out without paying,” Kennedy said. The people of Tallahassee will think he is taking advantage of them.


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