Over the next few days, afternoon temperatures will be much closer to the seasonal averages. There’s going to be an upper-level trough carved out over the eastern Great Lakes and in the Northeast’s interior later Friday and Saturday. The pool of colder-than-normal air aloft is going to promote instability, and a fairly widespread area of showers (or dare I call it “rain”?) will be common on Saturday afternoon across southeastern Ontario and in western New York state and northwestern Pennsylvania. But, exactly how far a portion of that shower activity will be able to spread into areas east of the Appalachians is still uncertain. Some of the best advice we can supply now is “driving home those things we feel the most confident about” like there won’t be the kind of torrential rain (or something on the order of 4-6 inches) many of us had during midweek. For the I-95 corridor and coastal plain, it does also appear that the late afternoon and early evening hours will be the most likely time frame.

We’re basically comfortable with predicting the sun to come out for at least part of the next few days.  It also will be breezy Friday and Saturday, and the wind should pick up even more on Sunday as a slightly cooler air mass arrives. Most cities and towns will have daytime temperatures in the mid or upper 60s early next week, with intervals of sun and clouds.

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