If there is any certainty it’s that we know very little about the draft, even week of. That’s a fact. Do we know broad strokes? Sure.

We know the Ravens needs. Free Safety, OL, ILB, RB, pass catcher and standard depth. As far as priority goes RB won’t be the 1st pick, anything else is up in the air. As for staying put at 17 or not.. That’s a different story.

It breaks down like this (to me):
Drafting at 17 45%.
Moving down, adding later picks 35%.
Moving up to snatch a gem that’s fallen a bit 20%.

Really I’m saying is there’s a decent chance Ozzie gets value again, adds more picks and trades back a bit. If there is one thing pounded home by Ravens brass is how much they love picks. Comp picks, picks, picks, picks. It’s a numbers game to them, as it should be.

So many fans dream about stars and studs… No doubt playmakers are needed to win games, but so is a solid base built in rounds 2-5. Baltimore treats free agency and the draft like the stock market. Value. Buy low sell high, or at least higher. Pull a no one into a decent player spin them off as a comp pick. It’s not about emotions it’s about business and these guys know how to build it. That’s my takeaway leading up to the draft.


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