A nice start will give way to clouds and some afternoon/evening showers. This is that BIG warm front we have been discussing for the past three days actually now approaching the I-95 corridor and soon thereafter moving through.

Clearing and mild Thursday. Nice Friday, maybe an instability p.m. shower. Saturday, maybe a shower as a failing cold front washes out to our west. Mother’s Day looking real good!  That’s the week’s end and weekend in a nutshell.

The instability of this warm air and that chance of spotty rain has me in a conundrum. I really need a car wash. Have needed one for months, but we have not been able to string together four to five days rain-free for months. Numbers don’t lie, and those numbers I refer to, when discussing this weather, are the money still in my pocket waiting to be given to Sparkle Car Wash on Reisterstown Road. Fact.

It still beats snow any day, month, year, decade or century!

Have a fine day, ya’ll!


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