Welcome to Preakness week, and welcome to a preview of summer! It will be hot, hot, hot Monday and Tuesday. (After this winter, are there any complaints?) The normal daytime high is 73. Monday will be 87, Tuesday will be 89!

By mid week , it will go back to spring as a “backdoor cold front” drops into the mid-Atlantic. (A back door front is a name given to a cold front that drops straight out of the North and then comes in through “the back door.”) We will see showers mentioned in the forecast Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday. Skies should clear Friday afternoon, and Preakness Saturday looks great!

It is a fine time of the year here in B-More! New players are coming to the Ravens. The O’s are in first, and the Preakness is here! Life is good today. Pay it forward, and have a GREAT one!


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