Police Say Accident That Killed 3 May Have Happened Days Ago

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BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Three bodies were found inside a wrecked car just off the ramp from I-83 to 695. There’s no telling how long the wreckage had been there.

Christie Ileto has the key questions state police are still trying to answer.

A ghastly discovery Tuesday. Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured fragments of twisted metal off the side of I-83 southbound at 695. State police say it’s what’s left of a car that plowed off the road.

“Based on the impact with the tree and the vehicle, the vehicle broke into several pieces,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police. “Based on the severity of the accident, I can’t tell you if the victims were even wearing seat belts.”

There are many unanswered questions swirling around this accident. State police say it’s unclear where exactly the car ran off the side of the road and just how fast it was going.

Police say it was a passerby who alerted them of the wreckage. Yellow tape and cop cars soon followed, forcing a 5-7 mile backup during rush hour Tuesday.

“It’s pretty backed up,” said Andy Geedey. “Pretty horrible, actually.”

“It usually goes straight on through but I can see all the trucks backing up,” said Joan.

As investigators work to find out how this happened and just who was inside, those answers will soon devastate a family looking for their loved ones to return home.

Identities of the victims will not be released until the families are notified.

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