I would like to think Norris didn’t throw at Hunter intentionally Monday night. After all, why are you going to hit a guy because the prior batter had the audacity to hit a home run off you. That is one of the stupidest unwritten rules in baseball. You want to hit someone? Stand in front of a trampoline and throw the ball and let it bounce back and hit since you’re the one that screwed up.

That said, maybe he did. In fact, based on Buck’s post-game press conference, in which he said he can understand why Hunter would think that and he also said he can understand why the umpire would think that, now I am inclined to think that. Buck vociferously defends and covers for his players; the fact that he didn’t in this case makes me think that Norris might have done that on purpose.

If so, I think that is terrible. What if Hunter got hurt? What if the Tigers get payback and someone from the Orioles got hurt? Sometimes players get hit by pitch and are injured. Remember Markakis getting hit by Sabathia in 2012 and missing the post-season.

On another note, why do the guys charge in from the bullpen? There should be a rule. If you run in from the bullpen, someone has to throw a punch. That’s a long way to go to have nothing to show for it.


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