Human Currency. This is an elaborate topic of which I’ll only scratch the surface of a small part. The more we hear about the NFL draft the more we hear of value, less of position and need. Need is for the fans, football coach and the video game makers to figure out. The Billionaires and General Managers they hire to run the company need to assess risk as much as they assess reward. They trade in humans. Fielding a team will happen but if I get a nugget I value I’ll grab another.

Value doesn’t have a position on the field. Value is a commodity and it’s hoarded. Yeah, I’m downplaying the idea of position and team and football but it’s the same as anything else. Financial advisors study the market to know what’s going on the same way a scout looks at a kid. Same same.

Winning games is huge but keeping a franchise well fed and churning out a decent team, comp picks, under or at budget (in player cost) never too too high or too too low.


What’s the most for the least, that’s what the draft is for them. For some it’s Johnny Manziel. Others is the talent / football side. While others think they know what a team needs. Needs?? I know what the team needs, everyone does. It’s not a secret, for every team. That info is the easy part.

The world knows the Ravens need a right tackle. What they got was tons and tons of value. The loss they may take at RT in 2014 will be outweighed greatly by the value they got in 2014, which may not pay off till 2016 and beyond. That’s part of the thought process, I’d guess. Ultimately paying off in yet another revolving batch of compensatory picks. That’s the model and it works well. Positions? They’ll figure it out, history shows as much.


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