By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Safety first. Baltimore Police and Pimlico security are geared up to serve and protect the thousands of Preakness fans who will converge on Pimlico Saturday.

Pat Warren reports there are some things fans can do as well.

Welcome to the Infield. There is plenty of room to walk around Friday, but Saturday will be a different story.

This is more like what you’ll see. But there’s something you should know:

“Any kind of public intoxication or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated by the police department,” said Lt. Col. Sean Miller, Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore Police are keen on security, signalling if you aren’t prepared to behave, stay home.

“People who are entering the Preakness area for the event, you will see a multitude of different uniformed officers throughout,” Miller said. “But one thing you will not see is the plain-clothes officers who will be amongst you in and around the event for your safety.”

Pimlico has its own security as well. Preakness fans will be scanned with electronic wands and all bags and items are subject to search.

“It worked well, we had no complaints last year. So we’re going to wand again, we’re going to do confiscation just like we’ve done in the past,” said Tom Chukas, Maryland Jockey Club.

There are a precautions to take in the neighborhood as well.

“A lot of things we see in Preakness is–people parking their cars in areas they shouldn’t be and then someone breaking into their car and stealing items that are unsecured,” Miller said. “That’s why I really stress–if you do park at Preakness, make sure your valuables with you. Don’t even bring them at all.”

A couple of other reminders:

“Make sure you have your tickets,” said Chukas.

It’s a good thing we’ve got the go-ahead from First Warning Weather because you’re not allowed to bring umbrellas. In fact, the wise move is to check the Preakness website for a list of things that are prohibited because they will take them away from you.

That being said, have a ball–just don’t bring one. They’re on the list, too.

Organizers expect about 120,000 people will be at Pimlico for the Preakness Saturday.

This year you are allowed to bring cameras with detachable lenses, but camcorders are still prohibited.

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