BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A pair of pit bulls attacked an 11-year-old boy in East Baltimore but a passing policeman intervened and shot both dogs to save him.

The boy told Christie Ileto he was afraid for his life.

Christopher Robinson says this is the first time he’s gone into his uncle’s backyard to play with the dogs–never expecting them to react so violently.

“I should have never went in there in the first place,” said Robinson.

The 11-year-old walked away with minor injuries to his legs and rips in his khakis Monday evening after Baltimore City police say two pit bulls violently attacked him in the backyard of his uncle’s home on Belnord Avenue.

The officer on foot patrol in the alley at the time heard Robinson screaming and shot the pit bulls as they aggressively bit the boy. One of the dogs died.

“It was yanking me and pulling me down and stuff and then I heard the gunshots and it started biting me harder,” he said. “I was really scared. I thought I was gonna die if they pulled me down.”

The homeowner says the animals did not have an aggressive nature.

Animal Control removed the deceased pit bull.

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